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Pest Control News & Guides

Rat infestation warning for closed businesses


Numbers of rat infestations in empty and closed buildings in the UK has reach “biblical levels” as Pest Controllers warn landlords and building owners to check premises for infestations well before lockdown restrictions ease. “The …

Council cuts could send rat populations spiralling out of control in 2021


The number of rat infestations is increasing in the most deprived inner-city areas, and potential Council cuts to subsidised pest control services could hit the poorest hardest in 2021. A jump of 25% in the …

Starving rats feast on discarded Christmas leftovers


Pest controllers are issuing a warning to householders to be more careful with Christmas leftovers, after a surge in rat problems caused by a “perfect storm” of carelessly discarded Christmas food waste, cold weather and …

Dormant bed bugs lie in wait for Christmas “bubble” travellers


A grim warning is being given to those travelling to relatives homes this Christmas to look out for dormant infestations of bed bugs in spare beds, which can be woken by their body heat. “Infestations …

74% of UK Rats carry immunity to popular rodenticides


A new study of rats in the UK has uncovered that 74% carry a resistance gene, making them potentially immune to current pest control methods. This together with a 25% increase in the rat population …

How many RATS in London?


When it comes to London, rats are breeding like rabbits. New research carried out by Pest.co.uk shows an enormous 25% increase in London‘s rat population, and this is only within the last year. From an …

Lockdown boosts rat population to 150 million


The population of rats in the UK has increased by 30 million in a year to 150 million – boosted by quiet urban areas and plentiful waste food – there are now thought to be …

Top 10 Most Rat-Infested Cities in the UK Revealed


Lockdown has created an ideal habit for the rat – with careless waste habits, vacant shops, and quiet streets – leading to a breeding frenzy in some of our favourite UK Cities. “They say you …

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